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Big Bang Utopiales 2017 • Interview with Supertramp's John Helliwell

Fleur caught up with John Helliwell from Supertramp to talk about BIG BANG, a new creation for Utopiales 2017.

The 18th edition of Utopiales has the pleasure of being the world premiere of Big Bang, the electro-symphonic rock ballet. The work of Nantes-based Alan Simon (author and composer of the Excalibur trilogy, the symphonic ballet Tristan & Yseut and the rock opera Anne de Bretagne), this interdisciplinary show melds live music, modern dance and cinema. Six star Russian dancers will enthrall the public with a daring choreography narrating the origins of the universe. Staged by the Russian choreographer Nikolay Androsov and Alan Simon, this ballet will be accompanied by over a hundred musicians, including the "Les petites mains symphoniques" orchestra, a large mixed choir and the rock band Excalibur in which we will find the famous Supertramp saxophonist, John Helliwell! 

Performed in front of the previously unseen NASA film taken from the Hubble telescope, this creation will take the form of 20 pieces organised into 4 movements. They will retrace the origin of the universe up to the creation of our solar system, and the birth of Earth. The show will be available afterwards on DVD while the studio album will be released worldwide in March 2018 on the English label Cherry Red. 

Don't miss this avant-premiere as part of the Utopiales 2017!

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