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Cash and Culture #3 • Creative encounters in the Highlands

Cash and Culture #3 . Creative encounters in the Highlands

This week Catherine and Christine present two interviews carried out during the Glasgow School of Art Winter School in the Highlands in January 2017. During two weeks, The Institute for Design Innovation welcome designers and creative students from all over the world in Scotland to work together on projects brought to them by local organisations.

http://gsadesigninnovation.com/about-indi/gsa- highlands-islands/

Catherine interviewed a designer and a film-maker who talk about their passion for images. Pedro Carvalho de Almeida is a communication designer from Porto. He talks about his passion for iconic Portuguese Sanjo sports shoes and his work as a brand archaeologist. Thanks to him, organisations can recover, organise and use their brand archives to support brand development.


Tom Duncan is a Scottish film-maker based in Elgin in the Highlands. Tom talks of how his will to be independent led him to become an entrepreneur. He now runs a professional film-making business and a creative co-working space, Northport Studio.


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