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VLM Track of The Week - Childcare

Another Thursday has arrived and that means that we are blessed with another musical gem from Josh Shreeve for our weekly feature the VLM Track of The Week, in partnership with Sheffield based music website The VLMJosh, editor-in-chief of the The VLM introduced his choice for Track of The Week live on air on Thursday afternoon’s show.

This week's track is 'Kiss?', a "micro-kitchen-sink drama artfully adapted by London four-piece CHILDCARE into three and a half minutes of thrilling alt-pop as sharp and singular sonically as its irreverent subject matter would demand. Kicking on over a rotating vocal/guitar hook and powered by crisp, rhythmic new wave, ‘Kiss?’ finds CHILDCARE mainman Ed confronting the nature of regret and shame, as engendered by this very British social interaction." http://sommagazine.com/childcare-kiss-childcareband/

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