Album of the Week • Interview with Örvar Smárason

Album of the Week • Interview with Örvar Smárason


Our European Album of the Week this week (21st-25th May) comes from Örvar Smárason‘s with his first solo release, « Light is Liquid ». Orvar spoke to Ellen about the evolution of his album, his constant work on multiple projects, and his desire to indulge his author/poet side in the coming months as well. One of the projects Orvar was working on at the same time as « Light is Liquid », is called Team Dreams – a collaboration with artists Sin Fang and Soley who recently performed in Shanghai, showcasing their individual musical projects and then coming together as Team Dream.

Orvar also told us his story for « A Gig That Changed my Life », seeing Guns and Roses in Newcastle upon Tyne


Find out more about « Light is Liquid »:


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