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About the album

 Polo & Pan voit le jour en 2012 suite à la rencontre astrale entre Polocorp et Peter Pan.
Le premier puise son inspiration dans ses voyages initiatiques (EP roudani 434 ) ainsi que dans la transformation d’un espace industriel en lieu de création éclectique (Mad Agency). Le second s’inspire des perles musicales qu’il découvre au détour de ses recherches quotidiennes, naviguant entre musiques traditionnelles du début de siècle, électronique de l’an 2015 et rock psychédéliques népalais des 70’s.

Une demie décennie après leur rencontre derrière les platines du Baron, Polo & Pan, dans la vie Alexandre Grynszpan et Paul Armand-Delille, parachutent enfin leur premier long format Caravelle prévu pour le 19 mai 2017.

Aboutissement de leurs échappées à travers le monde, Caravelle dessine aujourd’hui le parcours de deux passionnés de musique qui, comme bien d’autres auparavant, ont souhaité concilier l’hédonisme des musiques de danse à la saveur d’une variété de qualité, solaire et intemporelle.
En y apposant leur française touche mélodique, une singularité douce et juvénile dans l’écriture de leurs textes, et  d’audacieux motifs de percussions, Polo & Pan ont réussi à embarquer une véritable peuplade à bord de leur vaisseau. Jeunesse hexagonale avide de sensations nocturnes, citoyens éclairés du monde moderne, amis mexicains ou turques, artistes proches comme Jacques ou les Papooz combinés à leurs doubles féminins Marguerite et Victoria, ainés nostalgiques des ondes curieuses, tous ont un jour ou l’autre adopté Canopée, Plage Isolée ou Dorothy.

Polo & Pan was born in 2012 after Polocorp and Peter Pan crossed paths in Paris. Paul Armand-Delille (Polo) and Alexandre Grynszpan (Peter Pan) would often meet behind the decks, both residents DJs at the famous Parisian club Le Baron, and both strong believers in building musical bridges between genres and achieving damn good edits.

The former, Polo, draws inspiration from his early travels (his Roudani 434 EP was recorded in the Moroccan Atlas mountains), as well as in the transformation of an industrial space into
a place of eclectic creation – the SIRA in the suburban Paris town of Asnieres, along with the collective Mad Agency – which would soon become the home of many contemporary artists and musicians.

The latter, Pan, is influenced by the musical gems that he discovers through his research to feed his almost daily sets, hopping between early 2000 pop music, modern and hybrid electronica, and psychedelic rock from the 1970’s.

Peter Pan launches simultaneously an innovative encyclopaedic radio concept (Radiooooo.com) that pushes his tireless musical expeditions even further.

The first result of their collaboration, the maxi single Rivolta, signed to Hamburger Records, mixed a voice sample from a 1930’s Italian hit with a Moroder-like disco bassline.

The result is impressive, immediately praised by the close circle of DJ fans of electro and disco, remixed by Gramme and Get A Room! The duo is now wanted everywhere: Die Nacht, le Baron, the Opera Garnier and the Nüba in Paris, Villa Schweppes in Cannes, Calvi beaches, clubs in Beirut, Tropico festival in Acapulco, the Clap Ferret festival, among other venues and events.

Ekler’o’shock fell for this morsel and met with Hamburger Records. Thanks to the right chemistry and a couple of gourmet lunches, the full team decided to work on a first EP, Dorothy, an unmasked, imaginative, electronic tribute to the Wizard of Oz and to our inner child’s wildest dreams.

Plage isolée, the duo’s new single, released on June 15, evokes the fantastical world of their first release. This time, Polo & Pan take us on the waves of a childhood romance, told by a cut paper stop motion animated video, handmade with love.

Half a decade after first hitting the decks of the Baron, Alexandre Grynszpan and Paul Armand-Delille aka Polo & Pan are finally releasing their first LP.
Caravelle tells the story of their travels across the world, placing the two music lovers on the same map as those many artists whose wish has always been to reconcile hedonistic dance music with the taste of a solar, timeless pop music.
Aboard Polo & Pan’s ship, you will find quite an amazing combination of their melodic French touch with the soft, youthful singularity of their lyrics, and bold percussion patterns. Whether it be the French youth eager to experience night sensations, the enlightened citizens of the modern world, the musicians’ Mexican or Turkish friends, fellow artists like Jacques or Papooz, their female doppelgangers Marguerite and Victoria, or their elders who may feel nostalgic of curious waves, all have one day or another been carried away by such songs as Canopée, Plage Isolée, or Dorothy.



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