Art Incorporated?

Art Incorporated?

In this programme, Catherine is joined in the studio by Dr Annemarie Ryan, University of Limerick, to discuss the various relationships and transactions that can happen when creatives meet business organisations. They start by commenting two interviews done at the Frieze Art Fair in October 2016 in relation to the work commissioned by Deutsche Bank to Indian graphic novelist Sarnath Banerjee. In the first interview, we hear the former senior curator of the Deutsche Bank, Alistair Hicks. He explains how he wanted the bank’s new building in Canary Wharf to be turned into a giant book that would engage the staff

In the second interview, graphic novelist Sarnath Banerjee, represented by Project 88 in Mumbai, gives his take on the project that he describes as « a children’s book for adults » and muses about the room bearing his name in a global financial institution such as DB (see picture)

For more details on how Sarnath drew 11 illustrated chapters of a story developing across the various floors of the bank, please go here

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