LHEEA and its various research groups

LHEEA and its various research groups

In this broadcast we discuss some of the research areas in the mechanical engineering department, in particular the current research being carried out around combustion engines, solid-fluid interaction and ship design at ECN.


Prof. Jean François Hétet, Director of Education Department of Fluid Mechanics & Energetics, Ecole Centrale de Nantes. Professor Hétet illustrates that in the middle of the ocean there is an “open lab” to study marine renewable energy as a part of the “SEM-REV” project. He also explains the activities that are currently being carried out in the LHEEA labs, as well as the new developments in internal combustion engines and electrical engines in collaboration with several companies, such as Renault and some German car manufacturers, to investigate performance optimization in engines.

Prof. David Le Touze, Head of the H2i Research Group within the LHEEA lab, Head of Centrale Nantes – Bureau Veritas Chair. As the pioneer in Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics, the H2i Research Group works both numerically and practically in solid-fluid interaction and its application in ship design and advanced car tiers in collaboration with Michelin. Dr. Le Touze also mentions the Bureau Veritas research work and the software that have been developed to simulate complex physical phenomena in his lab.

Mr. Rohit Thorat, a second year master’s student at ECN. He has chosen to specialise in Energetics and propulsion. He is currently carrying out research as part of his final year thesis at CMT Motors Termicos, which is associated with Universitat Politècnica de València.  He is working on the new turbo-charging unit to improve its performance. His work will be numerically simulated and will model the turbines in pulsating conditions.
Mr. Deepak Kumar, a PhD student in automotive engines as part of an Erasmus Mundus Program.  The discussion mainly covers the available research opportunities and facilities in the  Combustion Engines Lab and companies such as PSA and Renault, as well as the personal experience of studying in France, the United Kingdom and India.

Interviews carried out by Arun Kumar, Fatemeh Almasi, Ncamisile Khanyile, Rishan Goonawardena, Anirudha Karmar Sharma, Tejas Natu & Aniket Ghosh Dastidar – Master students at Ecole Centrale Nantes.

A broadcast presented by Christine Evain and Spencer Hawkridge Dept. Communication, Foreign Languages, and Corporate Cultures, Centrale Nantes.

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