The White Night

The White Night

IT’S AN ALL WHITE NIGHT NEW EPISODE OF BURGER RECORDS ROCK N ROLL RADIO SHOW!!! This episode was recorded live in the back of Burger Records!!! Featuring… Kid Kevin, Troy, Mike G, Jon, Frank Agnew Jr, Lee, Sean, Aaron, Miah, Chereis, Bobby, SPUN, Nick Gehrls & MORE!!!

01 White Night – Seis Seis Seis
02 White Night – Liver Pool Boy
03 White Night – Al
04 White Night – Dr. Bellows
05 White Night – Clouded Head
06 White Night – Trippin’
07 White Night – Specter of the Past
08 White Night – Wipe
09 White Night – Rosie & Bob
10 White Night – I Need It
11 Box Elders – Death of Me
12 Capt. Slookie – Don’t Mess With the Pizza Man
13 Lenguas Largas – Kawasaki Dreams
14 Green Day – F.O.D.
15 Circle Jerks – Deny Everything
16 Clive Tanaka – (track 1)

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