Digital healthcare

Digital healthcare

Summary :

With the large amount of dynamic biological data now available through quantified self (through smartphones, sensors, …) and biological measurements, it has become critical to process these data to build formal models that can be analyzed and refined. Our research aims at building the theoretical and practical grounds of intelligent modeling from time series data. In other words, this means that it is critical to identify the correlations between observations, so that we can issue predictions and then, possibly, suggest ways of preventing or healing illnesses.

In this broadcast, we discuss the potentialities of machine learning to biology, as well as very practical applications like taking part in the DREAM Challenge, a well-known international competition to build new knowledge on biological systems.

Morgan Magnin, Associate Professor at Centrale Nantes / IRCCyN research lab., Visiting Associate Professor at National Institute of Informatics (Tôkyô)
Tony Ribeiro, PhD, Post-doc at IRCCyN research lab.
Emna Ben Abdallah, PhD student at IRCCyN research lab.
A broadcast presented by Christine Evain, Ass. Prof., Dept. Communication, Foreign Languages, and Corporate Cultures, Centrale Nantes.

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